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TAU - 13

CAR 13.jpeg


Further emphasis on weight saving led to a reduction in weight to just 200 kg - which for a 4 cylinder steel space-frame car we are very proud of. TAU-13 also made use of a student programmed and mapped Life Racing ECU, meaning more of the GSX-R's potential could be unlocked. TAU-13 competed strongly in all dynamic events, as well as providing TAU Racing's highest static scores to date.


RESULTS (FS-2013):

  • World Ranking: 40th

  • UK Ranking: 12th

  • Scottish Ranking: 2nd

  • Cost Report: 16th

  • Design Report: 33rd

  • Business Presentation: 21st

  • Skid Pad: 40th

  • Acceleration: 47th



  • Dimensions: Length - 2660 mm, Width - 1467 mm, Height - 1220 mm

  • Weight: 200 kg Wet weight

  • Chassis: One piece tubular steel space-frame

  • Suspension Type: Double unequal length wishbones. Pull (front)/ push (rear) rod actuated internal springs and dampers

  • Brake System: All round ISR floating discs with 4 piston calipers up front and twins on the rear

  • Wheels: 6 x 13" Front, 7 x 12" Rear

  • Tyre Size and Compound Type: 6.2/20.0-13" Front, 7.2/20.0-13" Rear, A45 Avon

  • Engine: Suzuki GSX-R 600cc, 4 cylinder, 67 mm bore, 42.5 mm stroke

  • Fuel Type: Shell V-Power 98 Octane Unleaded

  • Air Intake: Custom built aluminium air-box with 20 mm intake

  • Electronics: Fully programmable ECU with full custom built loom

  • Ergonomics: Carbon fibre moulded seat and firewall, custom built carbon fibre steering wheel with quick release

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