Committee photo-7.jpg

Euan Williamson

Project Manager

Committee photo-16.jpg

Mary Griffiths

Vice-Project Manager

Committee photo-4.jpg

Aidan Belton-Schure

Technical Director


Committee photo-10.jpg

Aleena Joy


Committee photo-5.jpg

Cameron Scott

Head of Media

Committee photo-18.jpg

Jude Trotter


Committee photo-19.jpg

Sam Downes

Head of Business

Committee photo-1.jpg

Maria Badia

Head of Cost

Committee photo-17.jpg

Robert Eldon

Head of Health & Safety

Technical Design Heads

Committee photo-3.jpg

Rory Bell

Head of Drivetrain

Committee photo-20.jpg

Sam Huntington

Co-Head of Composites and Aerodynamics

Committee photo-15.jpg

Jack Pirie

Co-Head of Composites and Aerodynamics

Committee photo-13.png

Jacob Wellsbury

Head of Engine

Committee photo-12.jpg

Erika Farkas

Head of Electrical & Electronic Systems

Committee photo-11.jpg

Kamil Dudek

Co-Head of Suspension

Committee photo-14.jpg

Peter Eagles

Co-Head of Suspension

Committee photo-8.jpg

Gabriel Cariou-Reynell

Head of Wheels, Tyres and Steering

Committee photo-6.jpg

Linus Haase

Head of Brakes and Uprights

Committee photo-9.jpg

Craig Johnston

Head of Chassis

Committee photo-2.jpg

Joshua Barton

Head of Research and Development