TAU (Team Aberdeen University) Racing was established in 2007 by a group of 10 undergraduate engineers of various disciplines at the University of Aberdeen. The team’s goal each year is to design and build a single seat race car to compete at Silverstone in the IMechE Formula Student competition.

The team now has over 50 team members across a variety of disciplines, from engineering to business. The society teaches team members to apply engineering methods to a real life engineering project, allowing the students’ designs to be produced and implemented on the car. Furthermore, the project demands many interpersonal skills - including team management, effective communication and scheduling.


Run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), Formula Student promotes careers and excellence in engineering. The competition challenges university students to design, build, develop and market a single seat race car. The Formula Student competition attracts various different university teams from around the globe. It incorporates both Static and Dynamic events, challenges students in their design, cost and business concepts, as well as measures the overall performance of the car in various aspects.

"We were becoming aware in industry that while universities were turning out young graduates with excellent academic qualifications, they were lacking the sort of essential practical skills that were really needed in industry to be successful engineers - and this is what Formula Student aims to do - deliver young engineers who have got those essential practical experiences and expertise."

Wood CEng - FS Founder, IMechE Fellow

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