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TAU - 12

CAR 12.jpeg


Following on from a summer spent ironing out the issues in getting the GSX-R engine running, the emphasis moved again back to reliability and drive-ability for TAU-12. The resulting car still weighed 23 kg less than her predecessor thanks to a keen eye for weight saving which had been missing the year before. TAU-12 was our best performing car so far, but a faulty throttle position sensor caused retirement from the Endurance event at Silverstone. The team again spent all summer tuning the car and training drivers, ready to get started on TAU-13.


RESULTS (FS-2012):

  • World Ranking: 36th

  • UK Ranking: 10th

  • Scottish Ranking: 2nd

  • Cost Report: 12th

  • Design Report: 32nd

  • Business Presentation: 47th

  • Skid Pad: 39th

  • Acceleration: 42nd



  • Type: Single seat open wheeled racer

  • Class: 1

  • Fuel: Shell V-Power Unleaded

  • Engine: Suzuki 4 cylinder 600cc

  • Fuel System: Indirect multi-point fuel injected

  • Electronics: Stock ECU with full custom built loom

  • Suspension: Unequal length A arms with inboard spring/damper unit

  • Brake System: All round ISR floating discs with 4 piston calipers up front and twins on the rear

  • Weight: 227 kg Wet Weight

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