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The TAU Racing team is back!

After a short break for university exams, the team is now back to finalise its TAU-20 designs and get ready for what is looking to be a very exciting manufacturing period.

Over the past few months, we have been busy working behind the scenes, developing new design concepts, as well as getting new members familiar with the team and its operations. The team also attended several networking events, and pushed its sponsorship drive, renewing its existing partnerships, as well as getting new sponsors on board.

The team has established a new sponsorship with TIS Hydraulics who have provided us with their extensive knowledge, as well as parts to use for our pneumatic shifting system. The new valve, lines and fittings provided by TIS Hydraulics are a more fitting solution for our Formula Student car and will ensure lighter and smaller packaging, as well as provide more instantaneous actuation.

The team also created a new partnership with ACC Joiners and Builders, local building works and refurbishment experts. ACC Joiners and Builders’ contribution allows the team to further measure the car’s performance on track by adding sensors. The team have decided to add wheel speed sensors, to facilitate new driver aid systems being implemented this year, as well as brake temperature sensors, improving the design of brake disks, and a six axis accelerometer to record the movement of the car and validate dynamic modelling simulations. This will allow the team to produce more accurate designs, as well as improve overall driver performance.

TAU Racing’s Composites & Aero team will play a crucial role in meeting TAU-20’s design and performance objectives. With plans to remanufacture and fully optimize our undertray, the TAU Racing team is thrilled to announce that we have established a new partnership with Tygavac, the largest manufacturer of vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials. This will provide the team with top-quality manufacturing tools and make the process more efficient.

The team would also like to extend their thanks to the existing partners for the support we have received over the past years. Help of our sponsors is what keeps the project going and aids the team to improve their designs, as well as competition performance every year.

With the design phase completed, the team will return in January 2020 for an extremely exciting manufacturing period. We would like to wish all our sponsors and supporters Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank you for your ongoing support of the team.

For updates of the team’s progress, follow our Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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