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Updated: Oct 3, 2019

TAU Racing's former Head of Wheels, Tyres and Steering, and the team's current secretary, Cameron Scott, had the opportunity to spend a summer at McLaren doing his internship. In this interview, he shares his experience and further insight into how the TAU Racing team and the Formula Student project helped him to develop his skills as a young engineer and obtain a summer internship at McLaren!

TAU Racing's secretary Cameron Scott at McLaren with MCL 33

What did your internship consist of and what were your main roles while at McLaren?

I was working as a Reliability Engineer during my time at McLaren Racing. As part of the Reliability team, we would look at any issues that were experienced over a race weekend and work out how they could be prevented from reoccurring.

What did you learn at McLaren that could be applied to benefit the TAU Racing team?

I learned the importance of thinking on my feet. Because of the fast turn arounds in the world of Formula 1, I often saw that any resolutions for issues on the car were implemented as quickly as possible. This mentality should benefit the team as it can also be the case in Formula Student that unforeseen issues can arise. These often mean that we have a short time to put a solution in place to prevent significant performance loss.

How did the Formula Student project help you during your time at McLaren?

Formula Student helped me over the course of my time at McLaren as it provided me with a solid technical knowledge of a single seat race car. This helped me to recognise many of the components on the Formula 1 car and both the similarities and differences between that and our own.

How did being a member of the TAU Racing team benefit you during your time at McLaren?

With TAU Racing being such a diverse team, I have been used to working with individuals from all over the world with different backgrounds, be it Engineering, Business or something else. This really helped me to integrate quickly with those I was to be working with and allowed me to get the most out of my time with McLaren.

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