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After a busy winter period, the team are finally winding down for spring exams. Excellent progress has been made with the manufacture of the TAU-19 chassis and the team are preparing for what is looking to be an exciting few months ahead, prior to FSUK 2019 this July.


The team with its longest standing member Dougie - a member of university staff, on the last day before his retirement.


Early this year, the team were very pleased to be invited back to showcase the TAU-18 car at Subsea Expo 2019. This event is always a highlight of the season for the team, giving our members the opportunity to develop their networking skills whilst maximising the exposure of the team to the local industry. The team would like to express its thanks to the Subsea UK for providing us with the stand at the exhibition, their support is crucial to the team’s interaction with the local industry, allowing us to establish vital professional links for our project.


CNOOC International

TAU Racing are delighted to announce that the partnership with CNOOC International has been continued. This will be the third consecutive season where CNOOC has been the team’s principal sponsor, supporting both our project and students in their continuous development through university. This long-term professional link with a major player in the local industry is one which is greatly valued by the team, CNOOC have valuable knowledge in engineering, project management and business, all of which are crucial to the success of our project. It was a delight to be invited to display the TAU-18 car at the CNOOC office last October and we hope to work with them on many similar events throughout the seasons to come. We would like to once again express our thanks to CNOOC International for their support to our team, this project would not be possible without them.

Whittaker Engineering

In February, the team established a very exciting new sponsorship link with engineering and manufacture specialists, Whittaker Engineering. Based locally in Stonehaven, Whittaker Engineering supply the team with engineering consultancy and manufacturing of intricate CNC components. This season, Whittaker Engineering are manufacturing the new centre lock hub assemblies; Whittaker will be guiding the team through this process, from machining through to post-manufacture inspection. A group of students recently visited the Whittaker facility where they received a first-hand tour of their impressive engineering and manufacturing capabilities, this was great insight into real-world engineering practices and a very inspiring experience for our students. We are very excited to have established this link with a North East firm and we hope their high standard of work will boost the performance of the TAU-19 car at the 2019 Formula Student competition.


Following the refurbishment of the team’s lab facilities using the ‘5S Procedure’, the team have been supplied with customised departmental toolboxes from our long-standing sponsor, Grampian Fasteners. The systematic approach to storing tools aims to ensure maximised working efficiency during the build of the 2019 car and aid in the team’s organisation during the pressure of competition, both in the pit and on the track side. Two of seven toolboxes have been delivered so far and the benefits can already be seen; consequently, the TAU-19 build is ahead of schedule and we hope this ensures additional time for testing prior to competition. Thank you, Grampian Fasteners for your support to our project, your help really has made a difference!

TAU-19 chassis being welded


Exceptional progress has been made with the manufacture of the TAU-19 chassis. Using the new custom jigging method, the team used laser cut steel plates to assemble the space frame to be welded. The new jigging method minimises error in the chassis’ final construction and drastically reduces the time taken during manufacture. Furthermore, the toolbox supplied by Grampian Fasteners greatly aided in this process, allowing the chassis team to locate necessary tools with ease, and provides an ease of their transportation between the garage and the workshop. As we finish for exams the chassis is fully assembled, with the engine installed and driver seat positioned. We hope this excellent momentum can be carried forward upon the team’s return from exams in May.

New OZ Wheels for our TAU-19 Car


Following the hub failure during the 2018 season, the team had the opportunity to redesign the hubs to suit an alternative choice of wheel; brand new, single piece, 13”, magnesium, centre lock wheels have been sourced for the TAU-19 car. The new centre lock hub design aims to mitigate all risks of the same failure occurring, minimising high stress concentrations on the surface of the component under loading. Through careful material selection and analysis, the team have successfully reduced the unsprung rotational mass of the 2019 car, we hope this improves the car’s dynamic performance at competition. The team would like to thank Red Devil Racing for supplying our new wheels, it is great to establish yet another connection with the Motorsport community.


The team have worked hard this semester to ensure a smooth transition into the summer build period. We hope to carry this momentum forward to allow enough time for testing and driver training prior to competition in July. As the TAU-19 project is paused for exams we will recommence in May to continue work. To keep up to date with the team’s progress and activities, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

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