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Meet the team: Sam Huntington

My name is Sam Huntington and this year I am co-head of Composites and Aerodynamics for TAU Racing. This will be my third year competing with the team as I continue studying my degree in Mechanical Engineering.

What roles have you held in the past and what made you want to become Co-head of Composites and Aerodynamics?

Since I was accepted to study at Aberdeen University it was an ambition of mine to join the team. I had always enjoyed watching Formula 1 when I was young and had an interest in the developments of aerodynamics. The decision to join the composites and aerodynamics department in first year was my preferred choice. When I joined the team in my first year, huge strides with the aero package were being made with the addition of a new undertray. I was new to the team at this stage but felt very welcome and was quickly learning lots of manufacturing techniques from the head of the department at the time.

Sam says that his passion for Formula 1 and interest in Aerodynamics made joining TAU Racing an easy decision.

What does the role of Co-head of Composites and Aerodynamics involve?

My role as co-head of Composites and Aerodynamics alongside Jack is to design and manufacture an aero package for this year’s TAU-21 car and further develop new designs for future TAU cars. Parts to the aero package we are consistently developing are the undertray, nosecone, sidepods, side panels, firewall, seat and recently the introduction of a front and rear wing.

What challenges have you faced in your role so far?

This year has been challenging for the team as we have had to adapt to working remotely due to the pandemic. Although the pandemic stopped us from working in the team’s garage, it has provided us with more time to design new concepts for the car.

What exciting developments are you currently working on for the future?

Since joining the team I have been keen to introduce wings into the aero package. This year the team has been working hard on the design for the front and rear wings to be manufactured for the TAU-22 car. This is a big step forward for the team to introduce wings as it has not been done before. It has been an exciting challenge as many factors must be considered for the design including the angles of attack, chord lengths, slot gaps, endplates and mounting points of the wings. Many CFD simulations are required to determine multiple wing designs that generate high downforce with minimal drag on the car. The whole team will play a role in this development as it requires an integrated solution with all aspects of the car design.

Sam says that being forced to work remotely has provided him with more time developing concepts for the new car. He also represented TAU at Formula Student Learn to Win earlier this year

What is your favourite memory from your time in TAU Racing?

My favourite memory with the team so far was being accepted for co-head of my department. It was always something I wanted to achieve since joining the team where I could design my very own aero package and lead a team to future success.

I have yet to experience the feeling of competing at Formula Student events of which I am sure will become the best memories with the team.

Why do you think people should join TAU Racing?

As someone who’s ambition is to work in motorsport engineering, being part of the TAU Racing team is a great opportunity to enhance and embrace your skills in engineering, leadership and teamwork.

TAU Racing is also a great way to connect and make friends with people who share the same interest as you. Working as a team to produce a racing car is one of the greatest feelings you will experience.

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