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Meet the team: Rory Bell

Hello, my name is Rory Bell and I am studying Mechanical engineering. It is my 4th year at university and on the team. I am currently the Head of Drivetrain.

What roles have you held in the past and what made you want to become Head of Drivetrain?

Since joining I have been a part of the Drivetrain and Engine departments although I have had involvement throughout the team allowing me to see which areas of the car I felt I could have the largest impact on. In 2019/20 I became the Head of Powertrain and following on into the current team I became Head of Drivetrain. Since joining, my passion has always been in the more mechanical and hands on departments leading me to stick with the powertrain department throughout.

What does the role of Head of Drivetrain involve?

Currently the role is purely ensuring that the transfer of power from the engine to the wheels is as smooth and constant as possible. The main developments I’ve made to the car have been in the shifting system continuing to develop the system implemented in previous years. Currently, my main aim is to reduce the mass of some of the rotational components in the Drivetrain system and investigating the efficiency of the current gearing used within the engine.

Rory has never been afraid to get hands on with the manufacture or operation of the car

What challenges have you faced in your role so far?

In terms of design, this year has been difficult as I am a very hands on learner making it difficult for myself to get to grip with new material required for my suggested improvements to this year’s car.

What exciting developments are you currently working on for the future?

The most interesting development I am currently working on is the conversion of steel to carbon driveshafts allowing us to potentially save 50% of the mass from the current shafts. This venture has required research and understanding of composite mechanics such as classical laminate theory and various failure mechanics for rotational components.

Alongside this, I am currently working on a dissertation to improve the vehicle's acceleration capability through optimisation of the gear ratios within the engine. This development will only be a concept; however it may set out the stepping stones for future implementation

Rory's favourite memories are working alongside his fellow team members

What is your favourite memory from your time in TAU Racing?

My fondest TAU memory is not a singular moment but a collection of moments throughout my first and second year when working alongside the team in the workshop. These moments will forever be the driving force for my passion of the manufacture of both intricate and heavy components for all aspects of the car.

Why do you think people should join TAU Racing?

TAU is not for everybody, it is a lot of work and forces you to learn things that you never thought you would need. However, if you make the most of it, you will never regret it. The people you meet through formula student will be some of the most like-minded and generally down to earth folk you will ever meet. I just bought an EVO 6 with one of them so that’s got to mean something?!!

Rory has made life-long friends through his time at TAU Racing and has even bought an EVO 6 with one of them!

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