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Meet the team: Mary Griffiths

My name is Mary, and this is my 4th year being involved in the TAU Racing team. I am currently the team’s Vice Project Manager, alongside studying for a Masters in Civil Engineering.

What roles have you held in the past and what made you want to become Vice Project Manager?

I joined the team when I first started University in 2017. I worked within the Composites and Aerodynamics department for 2 years, before becoming the co-head for the 2019-20 season. I have always felt comfortable within leadership roles so having the opportunity to step into the Vice Project Manager role and help lead a team was perfect for my development.

Mary spent last year as Co-Head of Composites and Aerodynamics alongside Euan

What does the role of Vice Project Manager involve?

Vice Project Manager consists of aiding in the Project Manager in everyday tasks, which include the general team organisation of delegating tasks based on time and resource availability. This can include being the spare pair of hands for those struggling to meet deadlines and finalising official documents for IMechE submission. The role is also key to keeping good communication relationships with sponsors and stakeholders additional to approaching new potential partners for TAU Racing.

What challenges have you faced in your role so far?

This year has not been the year it was expected to be. Personally, the biggest challenge that was faced this year has been keeping the motivation within the team, while continuing society developments and progression through the online platforms.

As the manufacturing side has not been possible so far this year, a new approach was implemented where the design process was extended to include several clearly defined checkpoints. This allowed a documented source to aid in future knowledge transfer to other members, while ensuring all design possibilities were thoroughly investigated. Nonetheless, the year has been fun and served as a great learning curve to adapting to new situations and environments.

Mary has also had the chance to drive TAU-19

What is your favourite memory from your time in TAU Racing?

My favourite memory must be my first carbon fibre body work component manufacture with Euan as co-heads. It was such a great feeling to know that we were able to perform such a complex and delicate procedure and still produce shiny, strong body work panels, just like previous department heads had produced.

Why do you think people should join TAU Racing?

I could mention a range of different reasons why joining TAU Racing is beneficial both personally and academically, but I will focus on this: Everything that you do in TAU Racing, either listening or doing, has a purpose and will set you up for discussing “tell us a time when you did…” in any interview. I originally did not realise the variety of different situations you can be exposed to until I was asked these questions in an interview. I found myself mentioning TAU Racing one way or another, as there was always a situation to talk about.

Mary has always enjoyed being able to get involved in composite manufacture

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