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Meet the team: Jack Pirie

I’m Jack and I’m in 3rd year studying Mechanical Engineering. This is my 3rd year in the team and this year I am Co-head of the Composites and Aerodynamics department.

What roles have you held in the past and what made you want to become Co-head of Composites and Aerodynamics?

In the first two years with the team, I was a member of the composites and aerodynamics department helping out and learning from the more experienced department members. So, it made sense for me to take up the role of head of the department this year and use the experience I’d gained but also develop myself as an engineer.

Jack is Co-head of Composites and Aerodynamics alongside Sam.

What does the role of Co-head of Composites and Aerodynamics involve?

In my role the other Co-head, Sam, and I are responsible for the design, manufacture and fitting of nosecone, sidepods, side-panels, firewall and undertray of the car. These parts are all made from lightweight carbon fibre and we manufacture these in house using vacuum infusion.

What exciting developments are you currently working on for the future?

This year we are currently designing an aerodynamic package for the car which includes a large front and rear wing with the aim to produce much more downforce so the car can corner faster and handle better. This requires a lot of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations to optimize the aerofoil profiles and angles which have the largest effect on the downforce created by the wings. This is a first for the team and a very large project, but one we are very excited about.

Jack spent two years in Composites and Aerodynamics before moving up to leading the department this year.

What is your favourite memory from your time in TAU Racing?

Sadly, due to different circumstances I have not been able to attend the competition with the team as yet so I don’t have any memories of it although I’ve heard from everyone that’s been its amazing. But seeing the car in action at testing up at Boyndie kart track is really enjoyable and satisfying seeing the car you helped produce flying around the track.

Why do you think people should join TAU Racing?

From an engineering perspective it is a great opportunity to use the theory you learn in classes and practically apply it. It is also great fun and very satisfying working on and around a race car, especially if you’re interested in cars and motorsport like myself. Other than that, you will meet and make friends with students from different years and of different ages who can help you advance in different areas, whether that be technically or with practical tasks or even with uni coursework.

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