2010/11 Committee

  • Project Manager - Alan Rennie
  • Co-Project Manager - Dan Ahrens
  • Head of Chassis / Fabrication - Sam Jarratt
  • Head of Bodywork - Ewen Kindness
  • Head of Engine & Electrical Systems - Matt Chiyla

Roles & Responsiblites


The team managers responsibility is to supervise and manage all other members within the team either directly or indirectly through a team leader.


The task of the coordinators is to alleviate the work load of the managers and to sub-manage a specific area of the project.

Team Leaders

The responsibilities of a team leader is to be accountable for the design decisions made on their particular area and to promote team growth by teaching members of their group. The team leaders will also be responsible for the organisation of the people within their group allowing them to assign jobs to individuals.